Mission & Vision


            Corpus Christi School is a Filipino, non-sectarian, and co-educational institution run by lay Christians. It seeks to make visible God’s love and message to all members of the Body of Christ. It aims at accomplishing this through the following objectives:

  •     to promote the students’ readiness to commit themselves to God, to country, and to their fellowmen;
  •     to strengthen character formation, and develop sound emotional, physical, and mental habits;
  •     to inculcate moral  and spiritual values in each child;
  •     to develop independent study and work habits;
  •     to imbue the proper work ethic in each child;
  •     to help each child become socially well-adjusted and thus learn to live harmoniously and productively with others.


The Corpus Christian upon graduation from grade school:

  •     is motivated by CHRISTIAN VALUES and ideals;
  •     is imbued with love for COUNTRY;
  •     is COMMITTED to leading, serving , and working with others;
  •     CONSTANTLY WORKS towards excellence; and
  •     has a well-integrated CHARACTER.


            We believe that Reading, Writing, Mathematics and other disciplines are important only if they serve to make the students conscious of their commitment to Christ, and therefore to the task of serving their home, their community, and the nation.



The Corpus Christi logo is shaped like a shield to remind everybody that faith is our protection. As we stand, walk and journey alongside God, His protection is over us. As we carry the shield of faith, we signify the noble desire to be a worthy member of God’s army.
The color of all the symbols in the logo is blue which signifies nobility and peace. This tells that as we carry the shield, we do not wage war but we bring peace. Where we are, there is peace also.
The backdrop of the logo is white which stands for purity. Again, this is a call for truth, justice, and righteousness. That peace prospers only in this background.


The three symbols:


  • Crosssymbolizes love of God – a love that flows out from self and reaches out to others…giving, sharing, and serving sacrificially without selfish motive.
  • Pillarrepresents integrity, dignity, honesty, and love of country - a courage that stands strong for what is true, just, and right.
  • Booksymbolizes academic excellence and love for learning - a desire for continuous growth and development that stays steadfast through time.

The Corpus Christi Hymn

Put on God’s shining armor
Take on the shield of faith
Around your waist the belt of truth
And the breastplate of righteousness

Brave knight in shining armor
Ride high in power and might
And take your stand across the land
And let the true king reign

Ride high Corpus Christi knights
With the helmet of salvation
Strike with the flashing sword
Of His mighty word
Go let your banners fly!

Charge on Corpus Christi knights
Ride high in power and might
And let the whole world sing
Of His glorious name
Corpus Christi, in His spirit, ride high.

About the school hymn:

    The school hymn is written by Michael Leuterio, the Assistant Principal of Corpus Christi High School Department. The hymn is based on the Bible passage Ephesians 6: 10-20, “The Whole Armor of God”. The passage is a call to us Christians to be strong in the Lord and to rely in the power of His might for we are fighting against the evil of the world.  The fight is not a violent war but a moral stand for truth, justice, and righteousness. It is also a general call for us to show and believe in the general goodness of man. Therefore, it is a call for every student, teacher, and staff to keep himself pure by putting the whole armor of God:

  1. The helmet protects the mind. For whatever one thinks, this comes out as the words one says and the actions one does. Hence, the students are encouraged to screen what they read; what they watch on televisions, in movies, and in magazines; and what they hear from people. All these mold the mind, the behavior and the character of a person.
  2. The breastplate of righteousness protects the heart from deceit, envy, jealousy, and all bad feelings and emotions. It is a call for purity and an intentional choosing of what is good and what is true.  
  3. The belt of truth protects us from the baseness of life; the desire for empty pleasure and greed. It aims at equipping us with discipline and self-control so we will not just live wanting but also giving.
  4. The pair of sandals of the gospel of peace is a command for us to be peacemakers. Just like the song of St. Francis of Assisi Prayer for Peace which the entire school community sings every Monday and Friday, the Sandals of Peace brings us to peaceful paths. Thus, we become mediators of peace.
  5. The shield of faith is like a force field. When it is up everybody inside it is protected from all harm. The shield keeps us safe from our vulnerable side, our weaknesses and limitations.
  6. The sword of the spirit is God’s word. It is appropriate for teaching, correction, rebuke, and encouragement for righteousness. It is the truth where we stand.

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